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UK Nanded Video 1b from Colin Coleman on Vimeo.

September 2016 to August 2018
This partnership initially arose out of a British Council funded programme that helped schools in the UK to link with those in India. Although this programme ceased in 2013, and many other changes in personnel have since taken place, there remained a commitment to work in partnership. This is a voluntary (non-funded) partnership that focuses on learning and increasing opportunity. We believe in the immense potential of Nanded's young people. We also recognise the commitment and dedication of so many of their schools and teachers. However, we also recognise that there are challenges in ensuring that those young people are taught in the most effective way. To begin to address these issues, we have identified six areas of work over the next few years. These are ......
Strand 1 Resources for Teaching
Strand 2 Developing Nanded's Youth
Strand 3 On-going CPD
Strand 4 Support for Teaching English
Creation of an online resource bank for partner schools - Development & writing of resources specific to curriculum - Support for new 'digital classrooms' Annual awards scheme for 'unique' youth in Nanded - Annual visits to the UK for three 'entrepreneurial' young people - Creation of a 'youth-adult' teaching programme Writing of resources specifically for the partnership - Use of an 'app' that can be used to link to professional development resources - Annual one day conference for all partner schools Identify and develop new links with UK schools - Creation of relevant and accurate materials for all schools - Identify good practice and key materials
Strand 5 Girls & Young Women
Strand 6 Ready for School For All
Providing Indian female role-models to mentor young women who are identified as potential 'change makers' - Promoting successful women in STEM - Annual science & technology challenge for young women
Providing an agreed number of school starters every year with a 'starter kit' - Promoting ways for parents to help children with their education (through a number of methods e.g. posters, radio and TV)
Strand 7 Community Radio Station
The establishment and development of (funding, branding, PR, launch) of a community radio station that focuses solely on education - assisting with the achievement of Strands 1 - 6
This strategy for support arose out of a return visit to Nanded in April 2016. Following that visit, we produced a simple 'photographic essay' that outlines the challenges and opportunities. This essay, entitled 'Seeking Sacred Cows' can be downloaded by clicking the image to the right. Please note that the photographs and text remain the copyright of Colin Coleman.
UK NANDED Learning Partnership Is A Voluntary Partnership Between Coeus Education LTD and Nanded Municipal Authority - Established Solely for the Benefit of Nanded's Youth -